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Mommas must be established  with an OB/GYN prior to making an appointment! 


taxes not included

Packages are grouped on what we recommend for each trimester. You may pick whichever package and we will get you the best images possible! (keep in mind gender can't be determined until 15 weeks) 
* For best images stay hydrated with plenty of WATER through out your pregnancy*

Full bladder required for 8-20 weeks!
Bring ice water or something sweet to drink to your appointment 15-38 weeks!
First Trimester 8-14 weeks
Baby Hiccups

2D Scan

10 min session

Listen to baby's Heartbeat

Sneak Peak at 3D image

4 black & white photos


What you will see during the first trimester

me first (2).jpg
9 weeks
10 weeks
8 weeks 5 days
14 weeks
Second & Third Trimester Packages for 15-35 weeks 
*Gender starts at 15 weeks* 
Tiny Toes

2D scan

15 minute session

Listen to baby's heartbeat

Gender determination

5 black & white photos


ADD a gender product see below!


Little Hands

2D/ 3Dscan

20 minute session

Listen to baby's heartbeat

Gender determination

Email of all photos

6 black & white photos

2 color


add Live Recording for $10


Prince or Princess

2D/3D/4D scan

15-20 minute session

Listen to baby's heartbeat

Gender determination

Live Recording via APP

2 powder or confetti cannons 


1 baseball 

7 black & white photos

3 color


Chubby Cheeks

2D/3D/4D scan

25 min session

Listen to baby's heartbeat

Email all photos

7  black & white 

3 color


Magical Kicks


30 min session

Listen to baby's heartbeat

Estimated fetal wight

Live recording sent via App

emailed photos

10 black & white

4 color


Big Moments


35 min session

Listen to baby's heartbeat

Heartbeat animal

Estimated Fetal weight 

Emailed photos

Live recording sent via App

10 black & white

5 color


Last Moments

One last look at your baby inside your belly before their arrival!


36+ weeks ONLY

Or Returning moms of same pregnancy 

20 min session

Listen to baby's heartbeat

Email of all photos

5black & white



Please note this package doesn't guarantee full face photos at 36+ weeks. Baby is further along and may not be in the ideal position to capture photos. !No return visits for this package! 

32 weeks
23 weeks
Good Fluid for best images
38 weekz (2).jpg
Not enough fluid plus placenta in face
Bundles 2-3 visits
One Scan a Trimester
Big Moments
Little Hands
Baby Hiccups
$ 245tax
2nd & 3rd Trimester Scans
Little Hands
Big Moments
$ 190+tax
  • Bundle payments must be paid in full at first visit. 
  • Make sure you book accordingly to trimester sessions. (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Please note packages and prices are subject to change without notice at any time!

Add  to any Package

  • Heartbeat Animal $35 (not all animals in stock)​
  • Live Recording via App $10
  • Measurments $5
  • Confetti Cannons 2 for $25
  • Powder Cannons 2 for $30
  • Baseball 1 for $20 (if in stock)
  • Magnet Ultrasound Frame $10 
  • Ultrasound keychain $8
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